Better Bones Intention Bracelet to Support Better Bones


The Better Bones Foundation, a nonprofit research and education organization, is funded through consulting, research and lecture services, the sale of our books and programs, and donations.

Your gift of any amount will help further our mission to research natural ways to promote better bones and a better body. For gifts of $100 or greater, we will send you an autographed copy of Dr. Brown’s groundbreaking book, Better Bones, Better Body.

You may make a donation of $25 simply by purchasing one item on this shop page. If you wish to donate more than $25, simply increase the quantity in the shopping cart to the desired amount — for example, a donation of $100 would require you to increase the quantity to 4.

As our gratitude to you, we have created a beautiful intention bracelet and are offering it to all those donating more than $25. This 10mm adjustable bracelet is made with Argonite Mala beads in pale yellow with a Better Bones logo to help you remember your daily intention.

If you wish to make a donation in an amount other than what’s available here, please contact the Better Bones Foundation at

We appreciate your contribution to our work!

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